Bryan Switalski, Amazon Bestselling author of MXLTIPLY, and social media coach reveals…

The "Lazy Video Method" That Sucks In Social Media Profits in Just One Hour a Week…Even If You Have No Money For Ads, No Following, and No Idea What to Post.

Look, every time you log on to social media, you have one of two options: make money or make someone else money.

With this method, you’ll be able to effortlessly generate content that attracts and converts new buyers…so you’re the one MAKING money.

To discover how, listen to Tracy’s story for the next 9 minutes…

“Are you finally making any money yet?”

My face burned like I’d been slapped. I gritted my teeth, refusing to let any emotion show, much less let tears escape.

Was I making any money? Yes…some. And spending it too. Always looking for that “thing” that was making others millions online and would finally make my business take off.

I kept investing in different courses and coaching programs…to the tune of over 6 figures (please don’t tell my husband).

Sometimes I spent money faster than I made it…you know the feast or famine entrepreneur roller coaster thing?

Yeah, I was riding that on repeat like I had a season’s pass.

But Tom always believed in me.

Sometimes more than I believed in myself.

He’d always been the one to cheer me on, saying he trusted me and supported my business.

Until now.

My husband used to look at me like he believed I could fly or slay dragons.

But now his eyes were different. They were cold. Empty. Distant.


Like the last hundred times I said “soon” or “not yet” had finally been one too many.

We used to feel like a team; now it feels like I’m on my own.

What would I do if he’d lost hope and stopped believing in me? What if feast or famine months never ended, and if a year from now I was still struggling to pay the bills some months?

He trusted me and believed in me enough to allow me to invest in things, even if it meant putting things on credit cards. He never asked how much, just said he trusted me.

I was beginning to think maybe he shouldn’t have…

That I’d squandered our hard-earned money.

That I’d never be able to pay off the credit cards and make money consistently.

I had to either figure this out and get his respect back by making some real money, or I need to quit and find a job in the middle of a pandemic.

I knew deep down I was good at coaching and teaching the clients I did have, but it was so frustrating to not be able to get clients.

Being in lockdown meant I couldn’t be networking at events, so I knew social media had to be the way to find clients, but that was clearly not working. Nothing was.

Me and social media are like nails on a chalkboard.

Plus with kids, it’s not like I can spend all day on social media anyway.

Obviously what I was doing wasn’t working, but I wasn’t sure what else to do.

I watched a zillion YT videos on strategies for different platforms.

I bought not one, but three, Instagram courses all promising massive income (yeah right).

I knew how to run FB ads, but you can’t amplify what’s not working.

I knew I “should” be on every platform but I didn’t know how and that just felt so overwhelming. I mean, who even has the time for that?

I had clients to serve! And a family to take care of! I couldn’t be on social media 10 hours a day.

In one of my masterminds there was this quiet guy…you know, the Steve Jobs type. Black t-shirt every week on Zoom. Quiet. But brilliantly creative.

And the more he shared throughout the year, the more I started listening. He had this insane knack for making the complex and complicated more simple.

When we’d share wins, he’d talk about these crazy results he was getting on social media for his clients. Especially using TikTok.

I tried to hide my eyes rolling at the thought of trying to master yet another platform.

I’m so sick of marketing gurus claiming their “one thing” works. But Bryan wasn’t like this. Even though he was young and had just a few years in the industry, his clients were getting epic results across multiple platforms…

Like an itch no amount of scratching would soothe, I couldn’t help wanting to know more.

I knew it was now or never.

I either had to quit my business and admit to my husband I was a failure and lose his respect, and go get a job. Or, I’m going to have to figure this thing out.

I don’t know if Bryan took pity on me or what, but he decided to help me with my social media by sharing his secret method for multiplying results.

After implementing his simple system and watching my social media explode, I only wish I’d listened to him sooner.

Bryan may not like me saying this, but I call his method “steroids for your social media” (and your bank account).

Here’s how it works: The first day, I plan and record everything in one hour. Then the rest of the week, it takes just 10 minutes a day to blast my content out to five different platforms.

The result? My reach increased 849%, reaching over 3000 new people per day.

That was just Instagram.

My YouTube videos started getting hundreds of views per day.

On Pinterest, I went from 0 activity to hundreds of views per day, some days upwards of 600, even when I was starting from scratch.

On TikTok, views went up 138%, likes increased 175%, and comments increased 100% -- proof that the kind of content you create really does matter.

On FB, my reels averaged 600+ views using Bryan’s Nugget Framework for content.

One video. Five platforms. 10 minutes (or less) per day. The system is so easy once you know it, and it works. It’s brilliant.

Isn’t it time to focus on the quickest, easiest, most hassle-free way to get results with social media?

When did you ever spend only 10 minutes a day on something that brought you those kinds of results?

Honestly, if it wasn’t happening to me, I wouldn’t believe it.

But I’m not the only one.

  • Ray Edwards has increased his followers by 30% in just three months, and his content is getting viewed by more than 75,000 people every month!
  • ManaUp started creating reels for the first time and hit over 9,700 views and completely changed how they show up on social media.
  • Dan Woerhide created a 20 second video that hit more engagement in less than an hour than he'd seen on his account in an entire year!

You know other businesses are doing it successfully...

...and you’re flipping tired of wasting time feeling like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall knowing you’re missing out on money you deserve. I was too.

Now, my husband is happier than he’s ever been. He even got to quit his 9-5 to be home with me and the kids. We don’t have to worry about medical expenses. We can enjoy delicious steak dinners at our favorite restaurants.

He's no longer jealous of the time I got with the kids, and stories I’d tell around the dinner table about our day.

He got to be there when our daughter was awarded student of the week. He was there when our son got in a car accident. He can volunteer at their schools.

But there was still one problem. I knew there were other entrepreneurs out there just like me. Here I was having all this success…

…I can barely stop myself from smiling on most days.

But I knew there were others still struggling with making social media work for their business.

So Bryan and I teamed up to outline the Mxltiplier Method into 5 simple, bite-sized pieces so others could do what he’d helped me do and learn his system in just five days.

Bryan’s going to walk you through his proven Mxltiplier Method so you don’t have to waste time or feel like a victim of the algorithm ever again.

When you create a static image post, you’re lucky if you even get 10 views. Now, you can reach thousands of new people per day, even if you have no followers and have no idea what to post.

You might be wondering what we have that you don’t.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

Most social media content solutions out there don’t work for everyone because they’re not actually simple, easy to implement, and better yet, quick enough that you can really stick to the system for longer than a week to see the results you want.

You’ve probably experienced problems like…

  • Confusion and frustration from conflicting strategies for different platforms that constantly change with the algorithm, leaving you with no clue where to start...
  • Overwhelm caused by #allthethings with no clear system, so even though you're constantly busy and constantly posting, you don't have the income to show for it and you start to feel like a failure.
  • Gurus who swear by a certain method on a certain platform don’t actually teach how to easily apply it to your specific business.
  • ​Spending all your time and energy creating the perfect post or reel or video, that ends up getting 23 views and just costing you more time and money...and more guilt that you're not where you "should" be.

The real question is…

How long are you willing to let these problems stop you from achieving your success?

If you ignore your social media problems, what could happen? Will life get easier? Will your business grow?

Or will you still be frustrated a year from now and questioning if you’re meant for entrepreneurship even more?

I know exactly how that feels. And I want you to hear me when I say… I’m with you!

I didn’t know this stuff when I started out either. Bryan spent the last few years learning the hard way, testing thousands upon thousands of posts and strategies, and now he’s created a fail-safe 6-part system.

A system that’s helped many clients.

He’s packaged it all into a step-by-step program I'm now going to share with you…

1-Hour Social Media Mxtliplier


Your fail-safe, almost effortless, 6-part system to quickly increase your visibility and profitability with social media.

If you can give me one hour for 5 days, I can give you the system to create effective social media content to grow your business in just one hour per week.

The course is broken into 5 easy, bite-size steps you’ll complete in less than ONE hour per day for 5 days. Once you know this system, you’ll have everything you need to create magnetic social media content in less than an hour per week WHILE multiplying your impact 5x or more!

Here’s What You’ll Learn Each Day Of The
1-Hour Social Media Mxtliplier!


Attracting Your Dream Audience

I don’t have to tell you that it’s much easier to sell to people who WANT what you’re selling. So, our job on day one is to uncover who you’re actually talking to with a few specific questions that are often overlooked.

We go deep! These aren’t the typical boring questions like age, sex and marital status.

On Day 1, you’ll…

  • ​Nail your niche in a way you never have before. 
  • ​Uncover the specific problems you solve, and for whom.   
  • ​Discover how to stand out in a crowded marketplace and rise above the competition.  
  • ​Craft your magnetic bio using the “magnetic bio formula” for all your social media platforms.


Creating Your Nuggets

Most entrepreneurs I talk to struggle with content creation. They either get stuck staring at a blank screen, or they have so much content that’s all over the place there’s no clear strategy for attracting their ideal clients to their offer.

Struggle no more when you discover how to create compelling content your dream customers will love using the Nugget Generator Framework.

Within this framework, you'll choose your content pillars and stick with a system that’s easy, saves you time, and attracts more of the right people to you.

On Day 2, you’ll…

  • ​Uncover the deep desire and the big result your ideal customer craves.   
  • ​Use my simple system to come up with ideas that speak to the heart of your ideal customers.    
  • ​Create your first stunning piece of content using the Nugget Generator Framework (then simply rinse and repeat for massive results).  


Telling Compelling Stories

We all know social media isn’t just about creating any old content and doing it consistently. You need to have a deep understanding of your target market (see bonus #1), and you need to understand how to connect with them on a deep level.

Inside this lesson I pull back the curtain on exactly how to tell stories that connect effectively with your ideal clients so that you’re not guessing or wasting any more time.

On Day 3, you’ll…

  • ​Unlock your ideal customer’s “yes code.”   
  • ​Quickly master the 8-part Story Circle Framework so you never forget a single vital part of the story and hear only crickets as a result (like step 6: how to know what’s at stake if the hero quits).    
  • ​Sum up your story in 60 seconds or less and film it with ease. 


The Godfather Offer

Now that you know who you’re talking to and what types of content will connect with your audience, it’s time to understand how to target your dream audience using the "CakeStack" Method and make them an offer they can't refuse.

On Day 4, you’ll…

  • ​Choose the perfect hashtags for your niche and multiply your reach with my signature "CakeStack" Method. Most people make hashtags harder than they need to be, and don’t get it right, but you’ll become part of the 1% that nails it with hashtags.
  • ​Understand how to craft a “Godfather Hook” that exponentially increases your viewership.
  • ​Determine your Godfather Offer and how to weave this into your bio and your videos.



In this final lesson, I’ll walk you through the multiplication strategy with your social media “invisible” sales funnel. This is where most people over-complicate it and get it wrong.

On Day 5, you’ll…

  • ​Understand how get preferred placement and bring above-average results, even if you’re starting with 0 followers.
  • ​Learn how to take one piece of content and distribute it to 5 platforms in 10 minutes a day (TikTok, YT, Pinterest, FB, & IG).
  • ​Be able to create your weekly content in about one hour per week, that can be repurposed to 5+ platforms every day and reach thousands of new people ​per day.

PLUS, when you enroll today,
you also get these amazing bonuses:



Dream Audience Canvas

Ever felt stuck trying to figure out who you’re actually talking to and how to talk to them? Use the Dream Audience Canvas one-pager to easily identify your target market and how to create content that speaks directly to their deepest desires.



365 Daily Content Prompts

What if you didn’t have to feel stuck staring at the record button without a clue what you were going to say? Use these 365 prompts to easily get ideas and quickly record your videos in less than an hour each week.



PRELOADED Mxltiply Content Engine

You get to clone the EXACT Airtable dashboard I use for my clients, meaning that you’ll get PRELOADED hooks, content prompts, and calls to action already waiting for you. You’ll be able to easily keep track of what hashtags are working, and what content is working. This means that you can pass your content on to your team for true multiplication.

Now, there’s probably one question rattling around in your brain right now
. . .“How much is this going to ‘cost’ you?”

I promise you, it’s much MUCH less than you expect (and def MUCH less than the thousands I spent on random courses for each platform) . . .

But it’s the wrong question . . .

The RIGHT question is . . .

How Much Is It Worth To You To Finally Be Able To Stop Worrying About Profiting From Social Media in Your Business?

Bryan’s Mxltiplier Method has changed the businesses of many of his clients. It’s so life changing that it’s hard to put a price on it…

After all…

How much is it worth to stop worrying about the algorithms on every platform?

How much is it worth to avoid wasting hours upon hours on social media and only hear crickets?

How much is it worth to you to finally escape the feast or famine months?

How much is it worth to have a simple plan that just takes 10 minutes a day to execute?

How much is it worth to feel fully confident that your social media is growing your business?

Clients have happily paid $25,000 to work with Bryan directly and have him implement his system.

After all, can you really put a price on how much money your business can make from the more than 2 billion DAILY social media users?

Can you really put a price on being as happy as I am when I wake up knowing my business can provide for my family?

If we’re being honest, $5K over the next month would be an incredibly low price to pay considering how many clients you’ll attract using this system.

I mean, that’s one, maybe two clients, depending on the package. Heck, that’s extremely low to NEVER have to struggle with social media and waste time feeling like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall.

I mean $5K is a lot of money, but thinking about how you’ll have this system for the life of your business, year after year, platform after platform, no matter what Zuck or anyone else comes up with next…

Well… when you look at it that way, it sounds really low, doesn’t it?

But you know what, I understand…

I was flat out broke when I started my business. I put those first few courses on credit cards with zero interest for 12 months.

That’s why Bryan is offering this to you at a more discounted rate.

Something I could have pulled my money together and made work when I was broke…

So even though we’ve agreed that $5K would be worth it to get your next client or two or three or ten…

…and honestly it’s worth a whole lot more than that...

If you act right now you won’t pay $5K. You won’t pay $3,000. You won’t even pay $2,000.

I really want to make this accessible, so you can get the entire 1-Hour Social Media Mxltiplier Method plus bonuses for the discounted rate of…

Just $997 today!

And all you have to do to get instant access and start today is to click below right now…

I’m not even sure how long he’ll be selling it for this discounted rate, so I wouldn’t wait.

But there is one thing I can guarantee you for sure…when you implement the Mxltiplier Method, you can't help but get results.

Because I want to take away every excuse your brain can come up with not to do this for yourself.

When You Enroll Today:

  • 5-Day Video & Implementation Training - Learn the 1-Hour Social Media Mxltiplier system in 5 easy mini-training sessions. Implement what you learn each day.
  • ​BONUS! Dream Audience Canvas - Talk to the right people the right way
  • ​BONUS! 365 Daily Content Prompts - Easily get ideas for your daily videos
  • ​BONUS! Social Media Content Engine​ - The EXACT Airtable I use for my clients with PRELOADED hooks, content prompts, calls to action, and more...

I developed the MXLTIPLY Method over the past two years, using it just for my agency clients to get them epic results.

But I know not every entrepreneur has $25,000 to hire my agency to implement the system for them.

That’s why I created the 1-Hour Social Media Mxltiplier just for you.

Now you, or someone on your team, can learn the system, multiply your organic reach on social media, and exponentially grow your business for just a fraction of that investment.

The investment in 1-Hour Social Media Mxltiplier is $997, but for now, you can join for just 3 installments of $397! Or, save $189 (19%) when you INVEST in full!



With the 30-day money back guarantee, you can rest easy knowing I’ve taken out ALL the risk from investing!

100% No-Hassle, Breathe Easy
Money-Back Guarantee


I'm convinced the MXTIPLY Method will change your life. When you come open and ready to learn, with a willingness to implement this simple system, I guarantee you’ll see results.

But, if you feel like you've learned absolutely nothing and what you experienced and implemented for four weeks was of no value, let me know within 30 days and I'll immediately give you a full refund, no questions asked. We can even still be friends.




This system is so EASY, even I can do it

"Bryan is BRILLIANT when it comes to systems and making things simpler than you ever thought possible. Seriously, I'm not a huge fan of social media and I'm not techy, but his system is so easy, even I can do it. I'm busy and never showed up consistently on social media until learning the MX7 method and implementing it. I only wish I'd found it sooner before buying tons of other courses!"

—Dawn Apuan, Copy Coach

Bryan has given you the recipe he uses to perform MAGIC

"Every month I write Bryan a check, he implements the method he describes in this course for my company, and that check comes back to me - multiplied - in the form of profits.

With the MX7 Method, Bryan has given you the recipe he uses to perform this magic. Because of course it is not magic, it is a process, and I consider it remarkably unselfish of him to reveal his process to you, so that you can use it too.

The question is, will you do it? It is my sincere hope that you do. I hope you implement the formula. Because it works. And whatever your message, your dream, or your brand, you deserve to have your message heard. This is the instruction that will help you make that happen.”

—Ray Edwards, 2 Comma Club Award Winner


More visibility than ever

"I use to struggle showing up confidently on social media, never having the time to post consistently. Using Bryan's MX7 Method, my team has been equipped with the sharpest tools and as a result we've become omnipresent, with greater visibility, engagement, and awareness my brand has ever seen – ultimately leading to more sales"

—Dr. Fred Jones, Publish Me Now University

Who is this guy anyway, & why should I listen to him?


Bestselling Author of MXLTIPLY

Bryan Switalski

Over the past 15 years, Bryan has built a following of thousands of entrepreneurs, sold hundreds of copies of his books (making him a #1 Bestselling Author), popularizing the concept of MXLTIPLY, and founded a consultancy called Leverage Clarity that helps thousands of entrepreneurs clarify their message and multiply their influence.

His award winning clients include best-selling author Ray Edwards (author of How to Write Copy That Sells), Creighton Arita (CEO of the 'ike Family of Companies), Meli James (co-founder of ManaUp and president of Hawaii Venture Capital Association), and many more.

Still Hanging Out On the Fence?

Here are a few questions you might still be asking...

Do I have to already have a social media accounts for each platform to make this work?
No. The course is so simple you can start from scratch. I'll teach you exactly how to create content in the five main platforms (TikTok, FB, IG, Pinterest, & YouTube), but what you'll learn is a system that will work with any new platform that is created. The beautiful thing is you'll know how to generate content in one hour a week or less and be present on as many platforms as you want without spending a ton of time.

Is there a money back guarantee?
Yes. If you’re not fully satisfied with the simplicity of the system and the results you get after you’ve implemented it for four weeks, send me an email and I’ll give you your money back.

How long is the course?
The video training itself is a total of approximately 50 minutes. To learn the system, you’ll want to set aside about 45-60 minutes a day for 5 days. After that, you’ll know the system and be able to create weekly content (5 days worth) in one hour a week, then spend just 10 minutes a day uploading it to the five platforms.

Do I have unlimited access to the course?

Can someone on my team go through the course to support me?
Yes, absolutely. The system is designed so that you can easily outsource the planning and implementation so all you have to do is film the content.

I want to play a little thought game with you for a moment…

What if you could get $1 for every PENNY you gave me today, how many pennies would you invest?

I mean, that’s a total “no brainer,” right?

If you knew with 100% certainty that you would make $1 back for every PENNY you gave me . . . if you would make 100X your investment . . . well, then I bet you'd give me every penny, dime and dollar you could, right?

You’d probably even snag your kid’s piggy bank too!

You see . . .

I know that sounds too good to be true.

And like any good, skeptical business owner and marketer, you know you don’t get that kind of ROI on anything.

But I also know that good business owners take calculated risks in order to get ROI. While others play it safe and never see the results they want…

…too afraid of taking even the tiniest chance on themselves . . . they don’t end up successful. They don’t end up rich. They don’t end up staying in business.

So, just think about it for a second . . . And remember the question I asked you before . . . If you knew with 100% certainty . . . a certainty as real and true as death & taxes. . . how much would you invest in your business to gain unlimited access to the 1-Hour Social Media Mxltiplier today?

. . . as much as you could, right?

I mean, when I was building my business I was willing to invest whatever it took to succeed.

I've invested more than 6 figures remember?

I mean, is your business success worth at least as much as you'd pay for a new computer?

I think you’ll agree it is.

But here’s the thing . . .

Because I’ve been right where you are now . . . worried about spending money. . . even living in scarcity . . . I’m not going to ask you to invest $25,000 dollars today . . .

I’m not going to ask you to invest $5,000 dollars . . .

I’ve convinced Bryan to let you access the 1-Hour Social Media Mxltiplier for just three installments of $397. Or, you can save $189 (19%) with one single investment of $997 for UNLIMITED access to this amazing system. . .

Just to recap, here's EVERYTHING You Get
When You Enroll Today:

  • 5-Day Video & Implementation Training - Learn the 1-Hour Social Media Mxltiplier system in 5 easy mini-training sessions. Implement what you learn each day.
  • ​BONUS! Dream Audience Canvas - Talk to the right people the right way
  • ​BONUS! 365 Daily Content Prompts - Easily get ideas for your daily videos
  • ​BONUS! Social Media Content Engine​ - The EXACT Airtable I use for my clients with PRELOADED hooks, content prompts, calls to action, and more...

You’re literally just one click away…
...from growing your business with social media and changing your life!

82% of businesses fail because of cash flow problems, but you now have this ONE opportunity to exponentially grow your business organically using social media.
So I say take it!

The investment in 1-Hour Social Media Mxltiplier is $997, but for now, you can join for just 3 installments of $397! Or, save $189 (19%) when you INVEST in full!

Ready to Multiply Your Results on Social Media with Just ONE Hour a Week?

One Final Thought...


You’re standing at the crossroads.

To the left, is the rocky, uphill road you’ve been traveling trying to outsmart the algorithm by throwing spaghetti at the wall.

To the right is the road less people will choose. This road isn’t harder, just different….and dare I say, easier?

And choosing the right road makes all the difference in the world. I’m hoping you’ll choose the right road and enroll today in the 1-Hour Social Media Mxltiplier.

To Your Success,


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