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Thursday, September 29, 2022

How to fix “Instagram Music Isn’t Available in Your Region” for new accounts

Getting the dreaded "Instagram music is not available for some accounts" message? Here's a quick fix…

Can’t make a Reel on your new Instagram account? Here’s why…

Yes, “music is only available in certain regions” but if you’re in a region that already allows music and Reels (you probably are) it’s actually an easy fix.

And no, you don’t need a fancy VPN.

The problem is you don’t have Reels fully enabled on your account.

Here’s how to enable Reels on your new Instagram account:

  • Switch your network connection (Turn off your wifi and switch to 5G or vice versa) 
  • Find a Reel on Instagram.
  • Click in to watch it full screen. 
  • ​Hit the camera icon in the top right to create a new Reel. 
  • ​Instagram will ask for access to your photos and microphone (they do this for each new account.) 
  • ​Log out of your Instagram account and log back in.

Once you log back in, you should see the Reels icon on the bottom center of the app. When you click it, you’ll have access to Reels and that pesky music message will be gone.

I hope this guide was helpful.
Drop a comment below if it worked for you!

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When you see a Trending Sound you can save it for later by clicking the sound and hitting SAVE.

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