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Saturday, October 01, 2022

Get 1 Million Views of YOUR Video on TikTok (Podcast)

How one a client blew up on TikTok…AND why YOU can do it too.

If you’re still rolling your eyes at TikTok, you may be subscribing to some old myths.

The reality is that this is not a platform to dismiss as a teenaged playground — in fact it’s the opposite! Your customers are here and unlike other platforms where success takes time (think Facebook), on TikTok your content can go viral right from the start because of its short video format.

Unlike other social media platforms where growth is a struggle in the beginning, this platform puts all of that potential right within reach with just one video post! And that’s exactly what I talk about today on my friend Ray Edwards’ podcast when we discuss how one of my clients blew up on TikTok…AND why YOU can do it too.


Time to stop rolling your eyes, open them wide, and take advantage of the opportunity that’s waiting for you.

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P.S. TikTok isn’t just for teens. They only make up about 25% of people who use the app. Your ideal customer probably spends more time on this app than they do on Netflix (shocking I know). You don’t want to miss out on these actionable insights you can use TODAY. In the podcast I also offer a free guide you can use to grow your brand exponentially. Click here to listen


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